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Athletes have them…

          Entertainers have them…

                    Coaches help “up the game” and set a course for high performance.

And so it is in the professional and personal arena. Partnering with a coach helps successful people resolve the questions and concerns that sometimes stand in the way of their progress, such as:

“I’ve outgrown the 'old me' and want to be seen differently – to change others' perception of me.”

“I've always been a high achiever and I’ve had a great run being promoted. But now I’m managing a team, and I’m spinning my wheels trying to deal with the various personalities.”

“I used to be so well organized, but now I have become so scattered trying to meet everyone’s demands.”

“I see myself in another area of work, but I don’t know how to get there.”

“I seem to be doing fine, but I just don’t feel like this is what I want to do. Yet, I can’t articulate what is missing or what I really want.”

I’m just not good at 'self-promotion' – I don’t even know if I believe in it – but I keep being passed over.”

“I need to identify a 'retirement career.'”

“My review says I need to improve my communication skills, but how? What does that actually mean?”

“It’s hard to think through by myself the challenges I’m dealing with. I need an objective, trusted advisor – a safe sounding board.”

Suzanne Douglas Harris applies a special blend of solid business experience with current best practices in performance coaching to address these management and human resource challenges. As an outside, objective professional, she frequently serves as a trusted advisor to leaders in small- to mid-size marketing-focused organizations. She offers a fresh, objective perspective, unbiased feedback, and serves as a non-judgmental, confidential sounding board. Her comprehensive background of corporate, consulting and academic experience enables her to function as a collaborative business advisor.

How Professional Performance Coaching is Delivered

Suzanne Douglas Harris delivers professional performance coaching based on specific client need. Yet, in most cases, the delivery of professional performance coaching follows a proven methodology that begins with an exploratory meeting to identify the issue(s). From this meeting, a proposal with a plan of action is presented. The initial action generally involves the application of assessment tools, specific to the issue(s) at hand.

Once the feedback and reports from the initial assessment have been shared with the coachee, the appropriate information is presented to the manager who initiated the process. In the case of selection, promotion or succession planning, a specific recommendation is made at this time for other management issues and a plan for development is outlined. While management can elect to manage this process internally, most frequently, subsequent coaching sessions are selected to move the client to a new level of productivity and satisfaction.

Other Talent Management Services

Traditionally, coaching is thought of as developing and finely tuning executive leadership skills. In recent years, the benefits of coaching middle managers and working with teams are being recognized as central to meeting strategic goals and to attracting and retaining talent.

Team building, helping an employee to become acclimated to a promotion, assessing the fit of a candidate, identifying top talent within the organization — Suzanne Douglas Harris delivers all of these services with a highly creative and customized approach.