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About Suzanne Douglas Harris
Clients turn to Suzanne Douglas Harris when…

Looking for added support to inspire action.
Seeking to resolve interpersonal communication or management issues.
 Feeling too overwhelmed to see things clearly, or take action
     to change or improve.
Looking for a trusted advisor to help articulate professional goals and
     build a plan to achieve them.
Seeking an objective, qualified professional to serve as a confidential,
     non-judgmental sounding board.

Suzanne Douglas Harris brings a distinctive blend of expertise and personal empathy to this practice. Her services help individuals clarify their situation, career direction, values and goals, and identify their issue(s) or challenge(s). Tools, resources, motivation and support are provided for clients to develop and implement a practical, actionable plan to achieve their objectives.

Every coaching relationship is unique. Though many coaches work exclusively by telephone, Suzanne prefers to meet with her clients in person and use the phone and email as support services. An initial meeting with the client and any stakeholders determines the details of each individual engagement. At times, assessment tools such as Myers-Briggs, Strong, 360 survey and other instruments may play a part in a particular engagement. Typically engagements are 3 – 6 months duration, but many clients choose to retain monthly meetings for a year or more.